What Happened To The Good Old Fashion Courtship?

What happened to that good old-fashion courtship? So my busy life had somehow put a curtain on some of my fundamental beliefs. But after taking some time to watch a full length movie in my living room it got me thinking, is there still the good old fashion thing called courtship? Where boy likes the girl, spent time with her enjoying the moment without passing first base. I mean the movie obviously reminded me of this. So I set out to ask a few friends. Most of the answers were somehow surprising. The theme answer was ‘nobody has time for that, or people got things to do.’ Someone even told me you have to go out of the country for that. But then a friend who just came from Liberia, my native country, then refuted the going out of the country idea. According to him the girls and guys are even worse down there. It seems like dating has become an experimental one night stand. Boys and girls are saying the same thing. So I’m wondering when did this started and could we point out the culprit? It seems like we are all taking the shortcut because we are not sure what will happen after the first date. The girl might just go over to her regular house and get it done or the boy might just drop the girl off and call up his quicky. There’s are so many stories and scenarios lately that I’m wondering what are the foundations now to really cultivate a genuine good old fashion courtship?

Photo Credit: Jay Fine. Flickr


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