About McNonwuun

Hello all, I go by the name McNonwuun. Born in Africa, Monrovia, Liberia, I am an upcoming writer and filmmaker with my first book (Hills of Exile) almost at the finish line. I have produced an independent film called Temperamental and currently working on getting it release on iTunes and Amazon. You can find out more about what I do at my website at http://inkandvid.com,  or read more about me at http://inkandvid.com/McNonwuun/index.html.  I’m new to blogging but somehow I feel like this is what I should have started with. I have written so much, from poems to short stories and would like to share some with you in the coming days.  I also own a small production studio so you will be getting some video contents if time allows it. The rest of my stories and other interesting things I have to say or do, I will try to share them through my blog. Thanks for any support.



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