Writer’s Block…


Writer’s Block

I don’t want to write anything I don’t feel first.



The love he has…


The love he has for you will conquer all the hates you have for him. Remember my words, even as I speak faintly, more so with a trembling voice, I still speak the truth. Love will conquer it all.

Hills Of Exile tells a story about one man’s journey through times as he searches for healing, love, peace and a hopeful end. But we can be sure that even in our own lives, the choices we make will have effect on us and the people around us. And the mystery of it all, how do we determine the right choice from the wrong one when we are constantly force to think instantly about the future that is yet to arrive?

Get your copy of Hills Of Exile today and begin the journey with Isaac Kline as he tries to answer for the choices he had made, or the ones is making to the “Unknown” future.


The lover of my…


The lover of my youthful bliss…may your sweet lips remind me to live again. Tonight I cast myself in your arms, never again shall this hollow wind leave me this empty.

#HillsOfExile–The first part of the novel is complete, working on release date and other business avenues. Everything should be smooth from here on. I will be showcasing were you can get your copy soon. Stay tune this monday to get luncheon dates and more. Thanks for your interest and support. See you at the top!japan_honshu_island-wallpaper-1920x1200