The Serious Merchant

“When he met Masćyma his youthful innocence was fully intact, uncorrupted, undisturbed by the nature of her burden.” #HillsofExile

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Frolis, to Die For

“We are going to die with the Frolis!” A young lad and his lover recently redeemed by Mercy spoke from the white horse…

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Haven’t You Learn Anything?

“Are you out there? Are you hearing me? Haven’t you learn your lesson? Are you falling in love again?”



“I want to live not die.”

“All those wounds are you sure?”

“Yes and you should join me. Trust me it changes everything.”

“I don’t want to change unless I can be healed.

“It will brings you back to innocence.”

“Well then, in that case…I am coming.”



Things That Kill

As she lied, her last breath fluttered lightly.  “your fragility will depend on how much you love. Don’t give your love unless you want to die.”


A Dark Laughter: The wolves were spotted (this time) wearing sheep clothes

I have seen the light.

It wasn’t bright, it wasn’t dark.
Neutrality fades away so quickly,
It was never even a light, but an illusion.

So many haters fill this wall
I can hear their shadows screaming envy.
Their laughter, cacophony!
There’s no euphony here
And it will only take one man with dead vision
To plummet the system out of existence.
Just as much as it takes one hater to pollute the minds
Of the thin headed it must take the same.
A strong soul left out in the dark shall strive head high.
Just as much as it takes a hater, a dead vision,
It must take the strong soul
To pollute the minds of the thin headed positively.
I have surrendered to the notion that only those who you believe in
Have the sharpest sword to pluck
Deep into your dreams and if your are not strong you might falter
And they will laugh even if your blood runs a stream.
Beware! Beware! Beware!
Not all those who laugh with you have good intentions.

Copy Review

Hills of Exile is the work of a potent imagination bred from eyes that have seen too much and a heart ever expanding. This is the beginning of a fine career, one we’ll all be wise to follow.”

                  –Thomas Cobb, author of With Blood in Their Eyes

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The Song Of My Affair

So this is it hun? I thought I was alive until I met you and now I’m not sure what you are doing to me but mesmerize is only an understatement. How can you sing do beautifully and yet there so much to you even more!? Can one person have all this quality? Beauty and grace at the same time with such a tone and voice that I melt into you? Only you have taken me here and I promise with such a vision I will make you proud. Keep singing my love, keep sing. You are all that I need to stay alive to the vision quickening in my with such eagerness to burst. The universe is ready!
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Dear daughter of Zion (The Poem)

You are my only escape.

I’m a man, strong indeed;

Fill with prowess, wit and vision,

Yet you are still my only escape!

My secrets, my weakness are hidden in your core.

Your firm breasts are the shields against my manly flaws and

Your kiss is a weapon for my inspiration.

Search my heart,

Search my soul, and see all that I’m,

All that I have become; search my life; see all there is to be;

This world of complex appetites, desires, and lewd men,

I’m not wavering; my eye is cast on your love,

I surrender!

You are indeed my only escape,

Search my heart,

Search my soul; see all that I’m

You are my lover, the rib that I loss.

Taken from my script titled Daughters of Zion.

And also…

Hills of Exile, the novel luncheon date will be announced by the end of the month. Stay tune the adventure begins this fall!


Tears For My Little Dove

Fly, fly, my fly little dove, fly.
Never before have I missed you
When your wing slipped from my arms.
I was late, you were on time.
Your beauteous soul found me stripped
With life and if you waited,
Yours would be lost.
I’m glad into his eyes you looked,
And was completed.
Saddened by your departure,
I hope for your fulfilled destiny.
With such a smile of yours,
He will be a happy man.
Yet my love for you will never die.
As I release you into the air,
I am sobbing to your freedom,
I’m not sure of my survival

Farewell my little dove,
Please disregard my fallen tears.Image