Life is not about taking but giving


img_4694 My second job is the privilege to drive people around. I will say this has been one of the most rewarding and learning curve for me as I have met millionaires and sometimes in between or just a regular guy or girl trying to get through the morning commute. Through all this my life is continuously impacted by every one of them and actually it’s opening my eyes to how important it is to be kind—giving instead of receiving. And I am not talking about that kindness that people say “be kind,” but that one that you realize each person’s experience is not too distant from yours. That way you feel what they feel and you can fully relate to their situation. I have written a full blog about it today below. I guarantee you it will make your day. Happy Thanksgiving anyway and if you get to read it all, I hope you are bless by it.

I picked up two girls. One was in a state of complete distress while the other consoled her. They were to be dropped at two separate locations but the one in agony started making claim of hurting herself, so her friend decided to go to one destination. I decided to offer my two senses to no avail. Looking back at what I said that night I thought I was being the smart guy in the car but actually I was just speaking out of my mouth. The gravity of the distress girl’s  situation was only felt later after.

 I also met a family. A 14yrs old boy, his grandmother and his young beautiful mother who was disable in both legs. Their car had broken down on the high way too! I did not see the mother at first only the son, fixing a wheelchair, which I offered to help and by the time I was done putting the wheelchair in the trunk I saw the son bringing the mother in his arms and put her in the front seat. On our way I put on Jesus Culture Album Let It Echo  , which was what I was listening to already on my own. The mother at first felt like she should make her present known by kinda instructing me a bit sternly where to go. Now I assume she was doing so because of her disability. Had it been a normal situation where she was not disabled she knew she was a fully capable woman. But I did not see it like that and again I may be assuming but either way she was beautiful in all regard and I personally was already humble by her beauty. But it was just another ride to me. As the music came on her demeanor changed. She realized she was in a judgements free zone and actually she was in a kinda shock that a young man like me would listen to music like that. By the time we got to the destination I felt like her confidence was boosted and they all thanked me so many times but I knew it was an unusual situation. I usually put on “regular music” but this time I was brave and God had worked through me. 

And lastly, a young 22yrs Egyptian dentist who was on his way to Florida to engage his girlfriend. He was very nervous and wanted to postpone the engagement because his heart was beating uncontrollably😄we got into this conversation because he had a very unusual and hard name that I could not pronounce. Through that I encouraged him and told him my pen name ( McNonwuun, which derived from two last names and was hard to pronounce too). So he began to tell me his ordeals. At this time also, I had began to like a girl whom I have not really been able to tell her how I felt about her. Every time I see her there’s so much going on inside of me I’m either distracted or busy in my head with the projects I’m working on or just plainly stress 😩 She’s a very intelligent girl and I would be honored to have her in my life.

 Anyway, I have been here before where I never express myself until it was too late and it was a painful ordeal. So this thought about my dear lovely friend is haunting me as I drive this young 22yrs old dentist who looks like he’s having the same problem as me and to increase this tension he wanted to engage her at the airport but  he was afraid he would be devastated and humiliated if she say no. But me, with my emotions all over the place, trying to figure out what my own problem, the young dentist looked like he could use some encouragement. We dived into why he should and why he should not. Strangely, I had a lot of good suggestions why he should especially as he planned to do it at the airport. But he had expressed being humiliated if she says no but I told him it was a risk worth taking because the memory is what will last. It was a one time thing and he doesn’t want to do it in some kinda small way a realize it was worth doing it to a place like the airport. It would be something to tell your children about I say, and that memory my friend, is worth looking in her eyes every time and knowing that you were brave to put everything on the line for love. base on OUR conversation, I can tell it will be successful because they were in love. The Young dentist on the other hand, was just too nervous as I think most guys would be (including me). When the dentist left my car I felt like he was ready to say I do forever. I’m telling you these story base on the word photo on my Instagram page. There’s are countless more but at the end of the day I’m learning that giving frees us so much more than taking. If the world begin to practice that, then the future is brighter, happy thanksgiving 🦃🦃🦃everyone.