Slowly Erasing The Middle Class

Hello WordPress, it’s been a while. This post is personal to me because I experience it first hand as well as seen it effect on many around me. Today I woke up to an article from the Guardian News about The human toll of America’s public defender crisis. There was just something in me that needed to come out. So, here it is.

Usually stuffs like I just read and let it go. But for the last few months I’ve tasted the bitter end of the system where I felt very vulnerable because of just what this article presents. So I guess my opinion will be, making America great again must certainly begin by protecting the weak, the poor and the vulnerable especially from the banks hiding behind some insidious laws to wipe away the poor man’s account through what is claimed as legal fees. Earnestly after this experience I don’t even see the need to put money in the bank. It use to be a safe place but I am not sure after my experience (of course there may be an exception but the bigger banks are worst). I’ve heard so many sad stories lately too, including mine that have to say this. I met a foreign student who’s currency is three times less than the US dollar. His story was so chocking that I wonder how this can ever be a law and whoever wrote this bill, were they thinking of us when they did? I don’t think anyone is against legal fees but we have to look deeper into what’s legal and what just plainly as set up to make the poor man poorer and the rich man richer. And about the justice system it need a very serious overhaul to reintegrate the same people it was designed to protect. We are all the same people, especially in the eyes of God and at least to those who understand the importance of justice and independence as a vital ingredient for the growth of a nation. It’s is really justice denied for those who need it the most. And frankly, this is sad for those trying to built a business. The hole to climb out of is becoming too steep and justice is becoming favorable to those who have the money and power. God bless America and the world! We need it.

Decorative Scales of Justice in the Courtroom

Symbol of law and justice in the empty courtroom, law and justice concept.


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