Your Next President?

IMG_3302Hello y’all, I met this guy today at Walmart and he’s running for president of The United States! He needed 1000 signatures to run as a #‎Democrat, and mine was one of them. The interesting thing is he looked like he was speaking to the other side of me or some of us that still undecided. For me I still see the loophole where #‎berniesanders looks old, but he got some good momentums tho lol and actually I’m starting to like him. #‎hillaryclinton, who on the other hand, the promising child of the Democrats went and blundered along the way and now some doubts creep in for some democrats to wave the white flag…well at least that was mine thinking to say the least lol. Yeah, but then this guy here in this picture! Fresh, clean, handsome, who is he? Is he seeing what I was thinking? What do you do with such a man—a stranger!? Assuming you’ve read this to this point. We don’t know him but could he be that candidate that fills in the loophole I’ve been thinking about? Could he then convince me that he can be my president? I actually had this conversation with him too and he laughed. I even recorded it through the stupid #‎snapchatApp but I did not know that it had drained all my battery and my damned phone died lol(:. You know how that is…anyway, to this guy, god bless him! It’s a long stretch for him tho to convince some of us still searching for who is fitting to really lead us now? But he ask for my signature and I give it oh. Personally, I like him. He was actually really cool and he appeared smart and social. I think he said he holds some office here in my state. So hum, let’s look out for him he said he was going to be at the caucus in April


I am not going to give his name let him announce himself in April since his is that brave to want to be my leader. I am not easily pleased lol. But aren’t we all chasing the America Dream just on diferent levels?