Excerpts From My Heart: speaking to my muse. Only.

Dear Muse, I sense your frustration. I have written nothing lately…not even the blunt and daring. But I fantasize…it’s my world. I dare not change it…only for you however, because you bring me smile. That I can live with. And I dare not change it❗️so let me stand on your pillars of unmovable strength that I may fearlessly speak even into the darkest time that love alone is the answer. We dare not change that. Because in it, we are capable of some more, worthy of so much more, built for some much more even if the odds against us fiercely waves it’s finger of rejection attempting lock us up in the mire of our past defeats. But if we are willing to change the taste of our egos from the self to all, there’s courage in that beyond the bound of our common human strength. So come with me. Take my hand let’s find peace together into this world so full of the selves; the egos, the wicked all that make of materials for fire. Oh dear muse, we are not done yet! We are just beginning to shine the light on the potential of the purity that is capable of residing within. We can built skyscrapers with our pen, change a riotous heart from war to peace. We can feed a generation with ideas of the greater selves (the selves United for a a greater good, realizing we are not to abandon our mother’s God and our father’s faith. Even more so we are mighty giants trapped to be released at the appropriate time). Look at you now. So restless, why mutter in frustration? Why complain of procrastination? Haven’t you heard, the journey was not for the swift or the weak, but for even he, whom the good lord has appointed through his timing and grace. Shall I speak even more or have you have seen the light? Look around you. The world is a beautiful place. Desist from your greed. Abandon your ego and live. Will you see the light? Please do. I rest my case.