Speaking from Within 

My brother, I guess knows me a lot more than I thought. One thing he made clear was I don’t like too many people. He is right. Most people are fake and deceitful and I wear my heart on my sleeves. That’s an unhealthy mix. But if I call you a friend better believe I mean it. And lastly, one thing most intriguing about my brother is he does not believe in any form of organized religion. He said it just don’t all add up for him. But for me religion is not just about God or Jesus. It is also living a life indistinguishable in the light or darkness. That way I sleep peacefully and less energy is dispensed hence the reason why I rarely mix with many people. They are not brave enough to confront themselves, challenge themselves, improve themselves but most importantly make it their daily task to ask (God or the universe, whichever works), the most fundamental question about their existence, purpose or destiny. That bothers me. And…well my heart is on my sleeves. That’s the big picture. But I’m far from perfection and certainly not making any claim on that. But my daily task is try to treat others as I want to be treated so I begin by telling the truth. I think it’s a healthy start to asking myself the necessary question to becoming a better human being.


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