The Oath: A Social Media Stalker

“The Lover’s Love Letter” (A tale of rejection for the foolish lover and the adventure to capture his lover with notes and letters and perhaps deeds. He is ready for her. Is she?)

This long title will give away what he would say in his letter. It’s obvious he is a foolish lover only good at driving away the person he wants the most into another lover’s arms.

And this detail above does not help because it’s long and narrative and does not help his mute cause either.

And again foolishness upon foolishness…shall we please now get to the letter!?


I don’t know you but…the way I feel, I’m loss.
We’ve been here before, and you’ve always dangle your beauty before me, teasing me. I want you now! I want you forever! My miss-steps are symptoms of my vulnerability, my nonessential behavior exhibited in utter oblivious, innocence, inability, my need to have you. Come find me when you figure out I have loved you even when I didn’t say or show it. I’m stupidity falling for you. Now that lover of yours have you all clutter in his clusty arms (I don’t know what clusty means or if it’s even a word but it makes me feel good writing it). Anyway I will continue with my lament about the aching of my heart because of my love for you. This lover of yours whom you have devoted your love and body to, what a jealous man you’ve turned me into!? He does not workout, he does not eat yam! He does not sing to you, he does not write ridiculous lover letters like mine. I’m doing it all my darling. Can’t you see I’m truly the ONE? He takes you to eat and takes you to bed! Your social media page is full of his lousy mug, the blue Twitter bird even chirp about his victory!
Oh poor me. Poor, poor me. Only you my lover who see gold in him. If I was strong enough I will knock his name right out of your status feed and replace it with my foolishness, my miss-steps, my love, my secret admiration of you, my most inner fantasy about us, and then I will get to one knee and tell you nothing. When you look at me wanting I will just choke and babble and stutter and run for my pen and paper because there, see? I wrote it all down. Marry me.
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McNonwuun’s Blog | You are not eternal. Leave an eternal mark.
Thanks for reading. Hopefully you had fun.


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