Into the Storm

Into the sand of blood they marched,
No lover in their arms but guns and bullets.
For the country, for the people,
They were walking into the storm.

This day, they donated themselves to the struggle
So their love ones can sleep in peace.
The land shall wail indeed.
They were marching into the storm.

If freedom was ever cheap;
Bayonets in fleshes,
Bullets splintering through
This day was costly!
For the people, for the nation,
They were marching into the storm.

Because they went into the storm we don’t have to.
The lives given for such privilege,
Began when men of glorious destinies gave us independence,
Through intellectual discourses;
The courage to stand against tyranny,
Injustice and discriminations.

Into the storm,
It was not an easy march.
But for freedom, it was necessary!



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