Have Two Lovers

Make sure your lips are of sweet things;
When they kiss and when they speak,
But have two lovers in your life.

Do not hang your lovely heart to material things
And don’t fall too deeply until you are dead.
But for the little surviving skills you may learn
Have two lovers.

Your muse, and your darling dear (if heaven strikes you with both).
But still, have two lovers.
There will always be one around to console you;
Your weakness and your strength may not do well with one,
Well, human changes all the time,
But have two lovers.

Be of good cheer when you dream
And cling on to hope for as long as possible.
We all understand your heart is on your sleeve
And a public display of mockery that you are,
Is only a facade because the artist that you are…
Have two lovers.

When the noise and the dust settle,
Only one will stay.
When you die,
Only one will stay.
Your muse or your darling dear…
But still have two lovers.

There is an extension to this poem, which is actually a prose for my next upcoming project called “My Darling Of War.” But enjoy this version. Thanks.


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