Pressing Through On A Grand Day

It would be a grand day
If only I was in your arms,
But you are not here and it’s
My birthday.
I know you’ve said it a thousand times
‘I will never leave you, nor forsake you’
But it’s my birthday!
You mentioned the footprint
The marks on the shore from
Lost to found.
Looking back, I can see the demonstration of your devin grace,
But I’m a man, doubts and imperfections travel with me.
It’s still my birthday!!
I’m not sure anymore of what I have learned.
Sometimes I know it all
Sometimes I know nothing,
Yet age is coming and growing.
The more I’m fill with years,
The more uncertain it all becomes.
But if I take a breava,
Look back at time through a scope of faith
Will I see that footprint?
Will your thunderous voice still echo?
Sometimes I feel like I know it all
Sometimes I feel like I know nothing.
But today is indeed my birthday!!!
I will take it all in and enjoy it.
The good and the bad,
The known and the unknown,
Faith and doubt,
The journey continues.
And for what it worth,
Today is my birthday…
It is my day!!!
I will milk it for what it’s worth,
And press through it beautifully
With thanks and praises.
I’m glad to see this day again.
Welcome, May 10!



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