Bring Our Girls Back Now!

So I’ve been thinking, what is the use of a government if the innocent and vulnerable are not protected? We are going around hashtagging “bring our girls back” seriously? How about hashtagging “we brought the girls back?”This is like an insult on the state, and swift action should have been taken like yesterday. 234 plus 8 that’s how many girls (citizens) taken against their will and then plus some bombing? What is that and when does it becomes urgent? And then other nations have to intervene before it’s a serious matter. So typical of Africans. Always whining for help from other people never want to take the bold step even if the mean is available. But when we talk about depriving the nations if their resources we are good at that. WHAT A SHAME! Stand up Africa! #bringourgirlsback #bringourgirlsbackreally #bringourgirlsbackNow!



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