Have Two Lovers

Make sure your lips are of sweet things;
When they kiss and when they speak,
But have two lovers in your life.

Do not hang your lovely heart to material things
And don’t fall too deeply until you are dead.
But for the little surviving skills you may learn
Have two lovers.

Your muse, and your darling dear (if heaven strikes you with both).
But still, have two lovers.
There will always be one around to console you;
Your weakness and your strength may not do well with one,
Well, human changes all the time,
But have two lovers.

Be of good cheer when you dream
And cling on to hope for as long as possible.
We all understand your heart is on your sleeve
And a public display of mockery that you are,
Is only a facade because the artist that you are…
Have two lovers.

When the noise and the dust settle,
Only one will stay.
When you die,
Only one will stay.
Your muse or your darling dear…
But still have two lovers.

There is an extension to this poem, which is actually a prose for my next upcoming project called “My Darling Of War.” But enjoy this version. Thanks.


Death Is Old News

Around here, when you have to go, you have to. It’s old news anyway, we all know that. Alter, the newspaper man, started as a paperboy, became a newspaper man and then died last night. He was 75. He brought my draft letter, my first paycheck and the newspaper from which I got my first job. He died and I got the news from the new newspaper boy who tossed the paper in my driveway.
Death is old news I say. Maria died. She took my manhood away in the dark alleyway a few years ago. I’m not sure it was consensual but I liked it a lot. She was 23. So much promise buried in that grave! I heard her mother wailing all night. Her body placed in the coffin wrapped with the flag, she was one of the girls from this neighborhood with big dreams.

Death is old news they say. And if I have to sit here and tell you how many times this true, the magnitude of miseries it let us experience, we might as well wait for eternity. But I’m not sure how much time I got left from this prostate cancer ever so aggressively eating a very vital parts of me. There’s no treatment the third time around. Death is old news I say!


Dream Again

It’s very easy to let those childhood dreams fall through the crack. When the distractions of our everyday life coupled with difficulties of making ends meet, we can be stagnant and or complacent. We can let go those once upon a time creatives that beat within us. Whatever it takes, don’t let those brief moment steal away those creativities stored at your core. Find time to dream again.


Tragedy: Who’s Writing?

Most stories these days are filled with the feel good. Tragedy is another form of art. I mean bad hopeless ending that makes the audience want to get a divorce, kick the cat, cry in solitude, curse the government, start a fight with that loud neighbor, heck, even burn down a house. Catastrophe infused with satire. Hello! Who’s writing tragedy?!


Imagine Greater

Sometimes you got to write the future now. By that I mean dream beyond your current circumstances, without inviting your rationality to interfere with questions you don’t have answers to now.

Pressing Through On A Grand Day

It would be a grand day
If only I was in your arms,
But you are not here and it’s
My birthday.
I know you’ve said it a thousand times
‘I will never leave you, nor forsake you’
But it’s my birthday!
You mentioned the footprint
The marks on the shore from
Lost to found.
Looking back, I can see the demonstration of your devin grace,
But I’m a man, doubts and imperfections travel with me.
It’s still my birthday!!
I’m not sure anymore of what I have learned.
Sometimes I know it all
Sometimes I know nothing,
Yet age is coming and growing.
The more I’m fill with years,
The more uncertain it all becomes.
But if I take a breava,
Look back at time through a scope of faith
Will I see that footprint?
Will your thunderous voice still echo?
Sometimes I feel like I know it all
Sometimes I feel like I know nothing.
But today is indeed my birthday!!!
I will take it all in and enjoy it.
The good and the bad,
The known and the unknown,
Faith and doubt,
The journey continues.
And for what it worth,
Today is my birthday…
It is my day!!!
I will milk it for what it’s worth,
And press through it beautifully
With thanks and praises.
I’m glad to see this day again.
Welcome, May 10!


Bring Our Girls Back Now!

So I’ve been thinking, what is the use of a government if the innocent and vulnerable are not protected? We are going around hashtagging “bring our girls back” seriously? How about hashtagging “we brought the girls back?”This is like an insult on the state, and swift action should have been taken like yesterday. 234 plus 8 that’s how many girls (citizens) taken against their will and then plus some bombing? What is that and when does it becomes urgent? And then other nations have to intervene before it’s a serious matter. So typical of Africans. Always whining for help from other people never want to take the bold step even if the mean is available. But when we talk about depriving the nations if their resources we are good at that. WHAT A SHAME! Stand up Africa! #bringourgirlsback #bringourgirlsbackreally #bringourgirlsbackNow!


The Flight Of An Angel

She was in my careless and insensitive arms and she flew away. Bye bye my angel, I’ve wised up, but you are in another heaven.



What Happened To The Good Old Fashion Courtship?

What happened to that good old-fashion courtship? So my busy life had somehow put a curtain on some of my fundamental beliefs. But after taking some time to watch a full length movie in my living room it got me thinking, is there still the good old fashion thing called courtship? Where boy likes the girl, spent time with her enjoying the moment without passing first base. I mean the movie obviously reminded me of this. So I set out to ask a few friends. Most of the answers were somehow surprising. The theme answer was ‘nobody has time for that, or people got things to do.’ Someone even told me you have to go out of the country for that. But then a friend who just came from Liberia, my native country, then refuted the going out of the country idea. According to him the girls and guys are even worse down there. It seems like dating has become an experimental one night stand. Boys and girls are saying the same thing. So I’m wondering when did this started and could we point out the culprit? It seems like we are all taking the shortcut because we are not sure what will happen after the first date. The girl might just go over to her regular house and get it done or the boy might just drop the girl off and call up his quicky. There’s are so many stories and scenarios lately that I’m wondering what are the foundations now to really cultivate a genuine good old fashion courtship?

Photo Credit: Jay Fine. Flickr

Rescue Me, Little Lover

🎤🎧Rescue me my little lover ocean🎧🎼 hum…I think I got my Mojojojojo back. I’m once more stricken by inspiration. For those of you words nerds, the challenge still stands. I’m starting a series on my WordPress blog called “My Darling Of War” a tale about the journey love letters between two lovers as the man narrates his ordeal as a soldier to his girl and she writes him back with comforting words. Gore, detailed, and emotionally charged. Coming soon. See my WordPress blog for details.