A week ago on my Instagram post I involuntary began a project that was finalized today. I just thought I share my overall experience with. You can find @McNonwuun on Instagram if you want to know more. But here’s my conclusion note I thought I share with you. Thanks for reading.

Somebody asked me what happiness mean to me. Up until that point, I have defined happiness as falling in love and having a home that is covered with love and faith. I mean we all want the other things like wealth and status, and as much as that can make us happy, sometimes happiness can be a state or a choice. While having the conversation with this person when they asked me what made me happy I realize it was more than what I mentioned above. But it was yet simple. I will be happy when I know my life and the things I endeavor to do has had a positive effect on someone else’s life to a point where concrete change happened. I’m done with the UNICEF project. I was inconsistent but I stuck with it and finished like I planned. That makes me really happy.


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