My Sensual Melody

When you can hear me, when you can feel me, when you can embrace me deep inside of you with a burst of such revitalizing lighting in every organ of your tantalized body, will you crawl unto me and listen for that faint echo of life? Will you be able to let me in? Will you survive or unwrap your soul from around me and test the waters out there? We’ve cruised on this peninsula for so long, in the sun, snow, rain, gym, work, so on and so on…If it was not for me what a gruesome journey! Please put me in once more and let me enter that special place, so that I can be released into you, and then you smile, listen and enjoy my presence. Are you listening? I’m music. I have surely come to control your temperament, doing you much good. Our union is one, unique and forever. Take me now as I’m. I can make you dream, I can make you cry. I can make you fall in love, I can make you remember many things. I’m surely your sensual melody. Let me echo with you for eternity.


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