The Watch Tower

Those who have fallen are our watch towers, I heard their ghostly figures whispered to me saying ‘although your impotency in permanent, but we are here to keep the rest of you safe.’ Their broad wings of defense shield us from these merciless men roaming the desert on camels, screaming for our blood. We’ve fought them in the cold, we’ve fought them in the rain and mud, we’ve fought them in the dark. Shot fired and lit up the night, bullet ran through the cold waters and mud splattered from tank shells. Yet still, after so many cadavers piled up like mountains, and the throat of the river ran red, we were still at war and they were screaming for our blood. We have watch towers now and like vultures in the sky after spotting a venison, a carcass, they will see whoever shot into this fence and caused me to loos a part of my genitor.


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