A week ago on my Instagram post I involuntary began a project that was finalized today. I just thought I share my overall experience with. You can find @McNonwuun on Instagram if you want to know more. But here’s my conclusion note I thought I share with you. Thanks for reading.

Somebody asked me what happiness mean to me. Up until that point, I have defined happiness as falling in love and having a home that is covered with love and faith. I mean we all want the other things like wealth and status, and as much as that can make us happy, sometimes happiness can be a state or a choice. While having the conversation with this person when they asked me what made me happy I realize it was more than what I mentioned above. But it was yet simple. I will be happy when I know my life and the things I endeavor to do has had a positive effect on someone else’s life to a point where concrete change happened. I’m done with the UNICEF project. I was inconsistent but I stuck with it and finished like I planned. That makes me really happy.


A Tale of the Diseased Journey

The lurid sun shone on the empty shore. The lady of the sea just bid farewell to her lover, traveling to the new world. If fate had brought them together she would see him again, but everything in her body refused to believe that. The journey was months on end and tales of those who returned was nothing far from a torturous and diseased ride. First one was stricken with a vile malady that caused dysentery and then one vomited continuously until all that came out alas, was blood and slime. If none of these took them to the grave, mosquitoes bit them and brought malaria and that was a quick death. They quivered with fever and the taste of their mouths was bitter and dry. Sometimes the fishes of the sea were fed with their dead brothers by the time they return. Standing by the sea now all of theses stories became vivid to her, but her lover was already at sea heading for the new world.

Inspired from a chapter from my recently published novel series. “Hills Of Exile”


My Sensual Melody

When you can hear me, when you can feel me, when you can embrace me deep inside of you with a burst of such revitalizing lighting in every organ of your tantalized body, will you crawl unto me and listen for that faint echo of life? Will you be able to let me in? Will you survive or unwrap your soul from around me and test the waters out there? We’ve cruised on this peninsula for so long, in the sun, snow, rain, gym, work, so on and so on…If it was not for me what a gruesome journey! Please put me in once more and let me enter that special place, so that I can be released into you, and then you smile, listen and enjoy my presence. Are you listening? I’m music. I have surely come to control your temperament, doing you much good. Our union is one, unique and forever. Take me now as I’m. I can make you dream, I can make you cry. I can make you fall in love, I can make you remember many things. I’m surely your sensual melody. Let me echo with you for eternity.

Warmongers: A Short Excerpt From “My Darling Of War”

Disclaimer: I will like to welcome my readers to a blog of no judgement Zone. This is simply an art form bred from inspiration. There’s nothing normal or abnormal. It’s written as I see fit.
Once again to start this series, this is just a teaser. I’m waiting for crowd. Please read previous blog to understand.

They came for us with their guns blazing. Gun shells scattered across the cement. More than anything our name had come up and the man that came first had a bayonet and swung it. He cut Frank’s throat by the dinning table. The fresh steamed broccoli and boiled chicken breast where just about to be served. Joe, the homosexual ran outside naked in the rain with clothes under his arms.

To be continue…

“My Darling Of War”

When my page reach 250 followers I will begin a very interesting story about a man’s journey through a battlefield. It’s going to be an in depth journey of his love he left behind, the philosophy and politics of war and his witness to his brothers dying. I plan to hold nothing back and for even those who don’t like reading long blogs you will still be able to catch up. I have started writing it already but once I reach this much followers I will start. Challenge accepted. Invite, suggest, recommend I guarantee you it’s going to be episodes to look forward to.

The Watch Tower

Those who have fallen are our watch towers, I heard their ghostly figures whispered to me saying ‘although your impotency in permanent, but we are here to keep the rest of you safe.’ Their broad wings of defense shield us from these merciless men roaming the desert on camels, screaming for our blood. We’ve fought them in the cold, we’ve fought them in the rain and mud, we’ve fought them in the dark. Shot fired and lit up the night, bullet ran through the cold waters and mud splattered from tank shells. Yet still, after so many cadavers piled up like mountains, and the throat of the river ran red, we were still at war and they were screaming for our blood. We have watch towers now and like vultures in the sky after spotting a venison, a carcass, they will see whoever shot into this fence and caused me to loos a part of my genitor.