The Bio

McNonwuun, is a Liberian born author, script writer, director and producer. Rhode Island Colloege graduate B.A of Art&Science and minored in creative writing (including films and music study). Although he had been writing long before college, Hills Of Exile is his first novel available to the public. His passion for Art is something almost rooted in him. As his country was torn apart by war and violence, watching his parent separation and growing up a little bit too fast, McNonwuun turned to Art to heal his wounds and hope that through his works he can help other fast, McNonwuun turned to Art to heal his wounds and hope that through his works he can help other see the imperfections of humanity, but also realizing life has beauty, grace, love and worth every breathe we take. He is a deeply a serious thinker and tries to portray this persona of his through his writings, but he also takes pleasure in simple things and enjoying life. Working out, traveling to exotic places are next in line to his writing passion. His interest also ranges from deep space exploration, to music (Jazz, Celtic, R&b, Pop and more), history, politics, philosophy, current events and religious diversities. His favorite eras are the medieval era and 1890-1970, but as a person who likes to be involve in what’s happening around him, Mcnonwuun will tell you his interest continues to grow. One of his fascination is with war and the fact that one man (leaders, politicians) can cause so much destruction by imploring people, nations and groups to carry out vicious acts against humanity, sometimes without consequences.
As an artist, McNonwuun almost always wears his heart on his sleeves, and is not afraid to express his opinion or ask the questions that many avoid. This is mostly reflected in his writings and many other forms of arts. He is also a filmmaker who spent most of his time in that field. To know more about Mcnonwuun and his work, please visit his



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