“Hills Of Exile” is ready!!!

A millstone reached! Hills of Exile is a story of about Reverend Isaac Kline’s search for redemption. From the depth of World War II, where everything he did was against his will, to the mysterious land of the Zong, Reverend Isaac Kline’s search for redemption is a story that will make you fall in love with life, love and everything else you wish to have. Written by a Liberian, McNonwuun, AKA McNonwuun Prince, this book exemplifies creativity you’ve go to read to believe. It portrays a unique form of creativity that captures history, religion, philosophy and the atrocity of war in gripping details. It is a well told story filled with imageries that will continue to captivate your imaginations and emotions. You will get to feel Isaac Kline’s pain, cry with him, and hope that redemption is achieved in the end. Hill Of Exile, now available in paperback and all major E-readers.

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