“I am in love”



I am in love with you! I hope your presence is tender enough for the world to see why my affection for you had left me almost spellbound. I have been through the shrubs of human insecurity including my own. But whenever I look at your face…I am in love.


This adventure with you is a ride I cannot wait to take. Lord help with strength!


I want to be there for every breath you take and from time to time I will ask for a kiss, just so that I can look into your eyes and know that…I am in love.

My true self is coming out. I not so strong as I thought, but then again I will lift a mounting if it brought you pain. I will fist out the ocean if it stand in your way. Truly I am not strong!


Sometimes I will hold your hands, a true affirmation that

I am alive. Something so sweet, a rare find, I am a lucky man. And who can blame me then? 


I am in love!



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