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“I am in love”



I am in love with you! I hope your presence is tender enough for the world to see why my affection for you had left me almost spellbound. I have been through the shrubs of human insecurity including my own. But whenever I look at your face…I am in love.


This adventure with you is a ride I cannot wait to take. Lord help with strength!


I want to be there for every breath you take and from time to time I will ask for a kiss, just so that I can look into your eyes and know that…I am in love.

My true self is coming out. I not so strong as I thought, but then again I will lift a mounting if it brought you pain. I will fist out the ocean if it stand in your way. Truly I am not strong!


Sometimes I will hold your hands, a true affirmation that

I am alive. Something so sweet, a rare find, I am a lucky man. And who can blame me then? 


I am in love!


The Book: The Journey To “Hills Of Exile”

As of today, by the grace of God everything is ready to go this November for my book “Hills Of Exile”. It’s a good feeling to know that the promise of hard work, persistence and diligence pays off in the end. It was not an easy road even in this time of age where self-publishing is becoming a norm.

I have also learned that nothing comes easy and if you start a journey that looks so promising, don’t be surprise if you reach a roadblock ahead. It will happen. It will come, mostly at the time you least expected or at least when you fool yourself to believe the finish line is already here. More so you will make enemies and you will make friends. This is the most painful part that many of us will try to avoid. It will happen anyway. People will leave you. People will betray you. The worst of all some of those you trust and confide in will be the one to hurst you the most. As much as this is a cliche and we all have heard this a thousands times it will still hurt and we will need some times to recover.

All of this, I am starting to also think that they are normal too and unless we are dead, these emotions make living worth the while and as much as it hurts and we try to avoid it, they are needed on our journey. That’s what makes us thick. We learn from it. We grow from it. Make those mistakes now. Create enemies now, but create friends three times more than enemies and see the future as and endless journey that karma–(or the biblical idea that you reap what you sow), will be a reality in the end.

You will also meet people who will unconditionally lift you up–or at least support your dream. Cherish these times and the person a little– because as much as they are there for you, never forget we are all human and in a busy world were the drive to success keep everyone constantly on the go, their priority may change, time may run out even death can separate you from them and this too, is a reality you should prepare for.

One thing you should remember also, nothing is ever permanent and time heals us all. So laugh more, cry to if you have to. But don’t base your future on what’s happening now.

I will begin to recount my “Hills of Exile” journey with the next few segment blogs, telling some of the obstacles, headaches and everything else that happened until it the book is published this November. I will close the segment with the dedication of the book, which is about my cousin to whom the book was dedicated. Thanks for reading.

Prince Madison Nonwuun
Aka: McNonwuun