Dear daughter of Zion (The Poem)

You are my only escape.

I’m a man, strong indeed;

Fill with prowess, wit and vision,

Yet you are still my only escape!

My secrets, my weakness are hidden in your core.

Your firm breasts are the shields against my manly flaws and

Your kiss is a weapon for my inspiration.

Search my heart,

Search my soul, and see all that I’m,

All that I have become; search my life; see all there is to be;

This world of complex appetites, desires, and lewd men,

I’m not wavering; my eye is cast on your love,

I surrender!

You are indeed my only escape,

Search my heart,

Search my soul; see all that I’m

You are my lover, the rib that I loss.

Taken from my script titled Daughters of Zion.

And also…

Hills of Exile, the novel luncheon date will be announced by the end of the month. Stay tune the adventure begins this fall!



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