Be Brave…You are Not Alone

Marcus, be brave, be strong, be persistent. The fight you promised to fight is at hand. Your fear now is only an illusion because you were trained, molded and fixed for this. All those times you fell and got up, all those times you wept alone, they were trainings for today. How can you forget so quick!? Wake up, put on your amor. Fight! I prophecy your victory.

Be brave, be strong, be persistent. You are not alone. Look by your right there stand ten angels brandishing their swords against your aggressors. Look to your left there stand another fifty ready to fist your foes to oblivion. Behind you, all along, the Might One had alway held you up, training you for a time like this. You will reach your destiny!

Smile now? Be brave, be strong. You are not alone.



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