Tears For My Little Dove

Fly, fly, my fly little dove, fly.
Never before have I missed you
When your wing slipped from my arms.
I was late, you were on time.
Your beauteous soul found me stripped
With life and if you waited,
Yours would be lost.
I’m glad into his eyes you looked,
And was completed.
Saddened by your departure,
I hope for your fulfilled destiny.
With such a smile of yours,
He will be a happy man.
Yet my love for you will never die.
As I release you into the air,
I am sobbing to your freedom,
I’m not sure of my survival

Farewell my little dove,
Please disregard my fallen tears.Image


1 thought on “Tears For My Little Dove

  1. Really liked the imagery in this. Very nice representation of letting someone go so they can be happy even at the expense of self

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